Mine clearance can be a complex and dangerous task, as it involves searching for mines, unexploded ordnance, and other explosive devices that can be scattered across the ground, hidden in buildings, or buried under roads or other infrastructure. The work typically involves the use of a variety of specialized tools and equipment, including metal detectors, explosives, and specialist machines such as mine-clearance tanks.

Mine clearance professionals must have highly specialized training and experience to work safely and effectively. They must also have a detailed understanding of the risks posed by the mines and other explosives, and the techniques needed to safely remove them.

Mine clearance is an essential component of any mine action program, as it helps to reduce the risk of injury and death to civilians, and supports the safe return of displaced populations. It also helps to facilitate economic development and humanitarian assistance in affected areas.




In 2024 Jan, we upgraded our tools to the latest possible one called dual sensor detector “Vallon VMR3G” ” large loop detector”Vallon VMX10” and compact one”Vallon VMH4“. without support from WRA, this could not happen. We hope these tools can improve our productivity along with this new technology.