Map of
Cleared Cambodian Minefields

Each point on the map above shows
colored points depending on how the minefield has been released to
beneficiaries upon field clearance. Click on points for detailed information.

Color Guide:
Blue: Agriculture
Green: Risk Reduction
Red: School Building
Purple: Community Development
Orange: Residential Development
Turqoise: Road Development

EOD Teams

Demining Team EOD

Demining EOD Team is funded by Good Hands (in association with the Korean International Cooperation Agency) and Landmine Relief Fund. This team works with the demining team in clearing minefields.

Team 2

EOD Team 2 was our first mobile team, meaning that they respond to calls around the country to remove UXOs and Landmines that are not in previously report minefields. Their operations are funded by World Without Mines.

Team 4

EOD Team 4 is also a mobile team, and they are funded by World Without Mines.

Team 6

EOD Team 6 travels around Cambodia conducting  Explosive Ordinance Risk Education (EORE) classes. 

Team 3 –

EOD Team 3 was a mobile team funded by World Without Mines. On Monday, January 10th, 2022, during a call-out in the Preah Vihear Province, an explosion killed three out of four of the members of EOD T3. The memory of Ma Simet, Mong Jok, and Son Vong is preserved in their wives and young children. En Poy, who narrowly survived a similar type of accident as a child, is the sole survivor but sustained injuries that placed him in the hospital. This was the first accident to claim the lives of our deminers. We have taken the necessary steps to prevent future accidents. Deminers work tirelessly to make Cambodia safe from landmines and unexploded ordinances that were scattered throughout the countryside decades ago. Once the land is clear, schools are constructed so a new generation can thrive. Please help support our work and the families of the men we lost by donating to our GoFundMe. A little goes a long way. None of this is done alone. 


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