Cambodia Self-Help Demining was officially founded in 2007 by Aki Ra, a Khmer man and former child soldier.

CSHD works in rural villages throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia with a group of approximately 25 deminers. These brave men and women put their lives on the line 25 days out of every month while demining.

Aki Ra, pictured left, began demining on his own in the 1990’s working with a stick and a pair of pliers to disarm each individual mine. He cleared nearly 50,000 all on his own.

Today, the CSHD team has cleared approximately 175  villages and 5,508,000 square meters of land!

What most of our visitors want to know is why does Aki Ra do this? Aren’t there other, larger demining groups?

Yes. There are approximately 7 main demining groups within Cambodia, we are one of them, but those other, larger groups cannot be everywhere. With our dedication to smaller minefields in rural areas, we are still able to accomplish hard work. We make life safer for thousands of people everyday. Unfortunately, demining work for all groups is costly. Each group requires specific training, gear, and equipment as well as requires an on-call ambulance. To keep these groups running we survive off of donations.

With your help CSHD is working to make Cambodia safer for its people. With your help, Aki Ra is working to make Cambodia safer for its future.

Support CSHD today! Make a difference!

CSHD’s operations manuals detailing our guidelines for financial, human resources, and logistics issues, as well as our Standard Operating Procedures, are available upon request