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The Rural Schools Village Program is an initiative started by Aki Ra in the 1990s when he was working in rural villages that had no access to education. This initiative had no name until 2014!

RSVP is a subsidiary nonprofit of CSHD and receives all of its funding though CSHD as well. This means that this subgroup is entirely funded by generous donors around the world. Currently, there are 22 RSVP schools around the Cambodian countryside. At these schools, rural children are given the opportunity to learn how to read and write in Khmer and learn basic math skills. Several of our schools also offer English language classes as well.

Most of our schools have been absorbed in to the government system in Cambodia meaning that many teachers at our schools are recruited through and supported by the Ministry of Education of Cambodia. These government teachers have teaching degrees from universities around the country. However, since most of our schools did not start out as government schools, there are also teachers that are contracted and supported by CSHD. These teachers have a minimum of a high school education and are typically elected by the villagers as the smartest person to be the chosen teacher for their children.

RSVP is an incredible opportunity to allow children a brighter future!

With around 3,000 students in attendance at all of our schools, we are proud to say that RSVP is doing very well.

Check out our website to see information on the schools we support.
RSVP Cambodia


  1. Dong Tong
  2. Boeung Kab
  3. Tropeang Kbal Swa
  4. Ou Lvea School
  5. Ou Chrey School
  6. Buo Tuok School
  7. Ou Ambel School
  8. Ou Sbek Broeus School
  9. Ou Pharve School
  10. Anlong Tbal School
  11. Boeung Bei School
  12. Tuol Kor Koh School
  13. Smach School
  14. Chhlong Kat School
  15. 8 Ponds School
  16. Bos School
  17. Boeung Sa Nor School
  18. Chreun School
  19. Kon Dom Rey
  20. Sokdom Romnea
  21. Bour Run
  22. Triple T