Support Cambodian Self Help Demining

Support Cambodian Self Help Demining


  • via PayPal by click the Donate button on the right side of the screen.

            Landmine Relief Fund
            A 501c3 charity in the United States. 

  • Donate Stock – When the stocks are received, they are liquidated and the funds are used to support our demining operations, college scholarships for Cambodian students, and our Rural School Village Program. If you are interested in donating stock, please contact Bill Morse at 

 Four reasons to donate stock:

  • 1. You can donate the full value of your stock without paying capital gains tax 
  • 2. You can potentially reduce future capital gains tax by resetting your cost basis
  • 3. You can give your portfolio a health check
  • 4. You can donate stock without a headache 

Excess funding will be used to support other programs run by CSHD

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EOD Teams

Team 1

EOD Team 1 is funded by Good Hands and Landmine Relief Fund. This team works with the de-mining team in clearing minefields. They are funded by LMRF and Good Hands.

Team 2

EOD Team 2 was our first mobile team, meaning that they respond to calls around the country to remove UXOs and Landmines that are not in previously report minefields. Their operations are funded by the US State Department.

Team 3

EOD Team 3 is also a mobile team, and they are funded by World Without Mines.

Team 4

EOD Team 4 has dual responsibilities, they have duties within the office, but are also capable of responding to any calls of UXOs or Landmines if needed as they are all certified to remove them!

Team 5

EOD Team 5 is our newest mobile team, formed in July 2017 and currently funded by Landmine Relief Fund.

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